Mesmerizing Ideas for Modern Home Design

Everyone must be pleasured to have a modern home design for their residence. As this design concept has been quite dominating the design field, it is fair to say that it is on the top of the list nowadays. The concept itself is actually quite simple; to keep everything easy and simple and decreasing the complicated things on the design itself. That sounds very interesting, right?

Dealing with modern concept is always fun. The simplicity on the concept makes you don’t need to prepare too many elements for the interior because you can leave it all in its simplest layout. And if you think that modern design is always about silver coloured furniture with black and white wall, maybe you can try this idea of adding natural look for modern home design from a project located in Costa Rica. Designed by Costa Rica-based studio, Datumzero Design, this house is a perfect definition for sanctuary.

The main goal of the architect is to create such home design that having connection with the nature. As you can see, the house is designed with very simple lines. It has cubical shape on its form factor with several wooden framed sliding glass doors on the building. The glass doors give visual connection between the interior with the beautiful garden all around the house. Some big trees are even kept living to give natural look to this attractive home design.

The most attractive thing about this house is the connection between each room inside with small swimming pool on the side of the house. The suite is separated from the main house and having direct access to the pool right from its sliding door. But however, each of the room is actually having the same access to the pool, which makes this pool is like the center of the house itself. So, do you find those modern home design inspirations inspiring?

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