Mesmerizing Genius for Minimalist Interior

If you are looking for some fresh inspirations for your home interior design, maybe you can try this idea about minimalist interior. This concept is inspired by people’s complain when they’re designing the interior. Most of people find it difficult to find the right interior that match with their room. That’s why; minimalist concept is then created to give solving to those people’s problem. What about you? Do you find similar problem like that?

The key in applying this concept to your home interior design is to keep everything simple. Try to use less decoration for the room and try to optimize the existence of the open space inside. The rule is simple; less is more, so that you don’t need too much elements inside to create such gorgeous interior design. And as an example, you can take a look at this incredible home design from Queensland Australia that shows us a stylish minimalist interior you can use as reference.

The project is titled as “The Arbour House” and designed by Richard Kirk Architect. The house is located in such quiet neighborhood near Brisbane River with woods surrounding. The concept of the house is to combine the minimalist decoration with sustainable building which supports the idea to decrease the electricity consumption. This two-floor house has cubical shape and almost all made from wooden material on its structure. The natural pattern from wood is left exposed to give more natural look to the building.

The interior itself is reflecting the spirit of minimalism. Everything looks sleek and sharp with its stark lines on its structure. The ceiling is deliberately made to be tall to keep the heat transferring from inside to outside. This structure makes the inside of the building feels cool and breezy. The use of transparent glass is also an effort to press the need for electric lamp, so that they can use sunlight in the day time. So, do you think that minimalist interior inspirations are helping?

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