Charming Rural Home Combining Rustic Texture and Modern Style

Looking at the exterior design of this rural home, we might not think that the home interior is designed in contemporary concept. The design of this home located in Skeppsholmen is unique. It mixes the modernistic concept and the natural elements. Rustic texture of the natural elements is combined with the sleek look of the […]

Astonishing Minimalist Inspirations for Cottage Design

Even though it sounds simple, to pay attention to the cottage design is actually important. As we all know, some people assumes that having a private cottage would be a good idea for their summer holiday with family. It must be way more comfortable to stay on your own cottage rather than on any hotel, […]

Glamorous Futuristic Inspirations for Prefabrication House

If you are currently looking for something new for your home design, maybe you can consider using prefabrication house for your residence. Even though it is originally created for middle-low people, this kind of house is a rising star nowadays. The easiness in the construction and the customized design makes everyone just fall in love […]

Stunning Ideas of Minimalist Touch for Luxurious Home Design

All these times luxurious home design is usually associated with classic one. Classic concept in home design has been seen as something that guarantees the luxurious impression. Well, that statement is not always true actually. Although it is true that classic concept is usually resulting luxurious and glamorous home design, it doesn’t mean that other […]

Wonderful Inspirations for Studio Artist from Fogo Island

Almost any artist needs a studio artist to get the perfect concentration for working. Such studio usually provides the quiet yet relaxing place where the artist can gather full concentration for their work, without worrying of being annoyed by anything else. Even though not all artist has their own studio, the idea to have the […]

Mesmerizing Ideas for Modern Home Design

Everyone must be pleasured to have a modern home design for their residence. As this design concept has been quite dominating the design field, it is fair to say that it is on the top of the list nowadays. The concept itself is actually quite simple; to keep everything easy and simple and decreasing the […]

Cool Interior Inspirations for Contemporary House

Talking about contemporary house is probably a never ending talk you ever been in. As the name itself, the concept is very dynamic and always changing as the time goes by. Something that considered as contemporary may be an old and historical thing in the future, that’s why the design is always changing rapidly. But […]