Billy Goat Mower Review

Billy goat mower is one of popular manufacturer in America that sells varying types of mower with some useful appliances for mower replacement. It is a trusted dealer that sells many types of mower to fit to your budget, desire and needs. Some of excellent products to offer i.e. force wheeled blowers, home pro finish mower, sod cutter, high weed & brush mower etc. So if you feel difficult to find the best mower for you, let’s go to Billy goat and find whatever you want. Here are some Billy goat mowers to review.

billy goat mower dealers

billy goat mower dealers


16 Inch Billy goat mower for sale craigslist

It is amazing 16” cutter machine that allows you to clean the mess and grass in your yard instantly, without noisy, eco- friendly and durable. It works to cut the knee high grass and overgrown weeds , yet still offers a smooth cut for a suitable manicured lawn. Additionally, it is completed by the larger rear wheels to add stability on hillsides and smooth out uneven surfaces. In term of durability and power, this Billy goat mower has a commercial duty Honda strong engine even more the floating 24 inch mowing deck is fitted in 0.5 inch increments about 4 inches. For the last, it 3 speed tuff torq transmission system with differential.

26 inch billy goat brush mower price

The next Billy goat mower is BC26 series outback. This great machine is designed to clean and cut tough overgrown brush. It is more than ideal to clean your fields and meadows , or cutting clearly wherever weeds and dense brush comes into a clean up project. Instead it, it is completed with 26 inch deck commercial duty brush hog features excellent stability in term of vegetation of nature.
The heavy-duty blade spindle is designed to overcome the hard cutting project including cleaning the, weeds and over 8′ tall, thick brush up to 6′ high and even eliminate the saplings up to 2.0 inch diameter. Meanwhile the heavy duty transaxle has three speeds and reverse mixing the differential and transmission to the sealed package. So, from both products above, which the best Billy goat mower would you choose?


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