Best Brush Mower Rental Review

Best Brush Mower Rental Review – Having long grass in your home yard isn’t serious matter but if they grow too much in your yard, of course it will make your home lost its value. Moreover unlucky if you have no time to clean the mess and grass, using brush mower machine can be alternative way to refresh your home yard and make it more beautiful. Cut all grass and plant some green plant and flower to make it looks fresh. Brush mower rental is one of choice for those who have no enough budget to buy the real grass cutting machine. As we know that grass will not grow everyday and rental can be the best solution for it. Here are some brush mower rentals machine to get.

brush mower rental eau claire wi

brush mower rental eau claire wi

Dr Field Brush Mowers 12.5 HP Premier and Pro Model

It is the first mower rental that is so recommended. It is completed by 24 inch width, puncture proof tires filled with a liquid sealant, duty steel blade cuts through saplings up to 2 inch thick., sharp enough, isn’t it. In addition, it is a custom- made blade spindle that is connected with the deck to protect the shaft of the blade inside. For the last, an electric clutch also uses the best blade and even light to maintenance (has no cables to adjust). For the pro models, the features are more incredible. It offers lock –out / log- in differential that offers the best in handling and traction. The welded deck is also stronger than other type of stamped steel deck.

Dr Field & Brush Mowers 15 HP Pro


Beside that, brush mower rental from Dr Field & Brush Mower also offers two new version of mower to rent. Completed with 44 inch cutting deck plus addition remote controls and also a tow model to work fast. Additionally the rugged 15 HP pro is easy to lift behind your UTV, ATV and let’s enjoy to riding this utility tractor, mowing down 1-1/2″ saplings, 8′ weeds and 4′ grass. Well, after you see some best brush mower rental , which one would you select?



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