Astonishing Minimalist Inspirations for Cottage Design

Even though it sounds simple, to pay attention to the cottage design is actually important. As we all know, some people assumes that having a private cottage would be a good idea for their summer holiday with family. It must be way more comfortable to stay on your own cottage rather than on any hotel, right? This way, it is kind of essential actually to plan the design carefully.

The design of the cottage is often associated with rustic and old fashioned home design concept. Even though that assumption is true for the most of the cottage, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make difference. And if you think you need something unique for your cottage, maybe you can try this idea about minimalist cottage design. The idea is coming from a cottage located in New Zealand which designed by Pacific Environments Architects and sure will be an ultimate source of inspirations for you.

Titled as “The Bourke House Project”, this cottage is combining the minimalist concept with the unique transparent idea. The main idea for the design of this cottage is to make such building that looks like a camping tent. And even though the building has typical cubical shape on its form factor, you can see that it looks like a tent from afar because of the piped pillars on each of the side. That sounds simple, but it does make the building way more attractive.

The interior is also designed with unique concept of integrating indoor and outdoor area. The blurred lines are created by the use of transparent sliding glass doors that covered the building; giving the interior a visual access to the outdoor view. Each of the room is also connected to each other to avoid narrow impression. These are some cottage design inspirations that hopefully can help you.

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