Amazing Inspirations for Apartment Design

When it comes to apartment design, you know you can’t always win the battle. It is true that living in apartment is such pleasure due to its easiness. An apartment is usually equipped with facilities that will make you don’t need to go out at all. Moreover, apartment is also beneficial from its location because it is usually located in such potential site downtown. This would be a pleasure to live in such apartment. But what about its interior design?

Some people think that planning the design of an apartment is something stressful. Well, that assumption is true if you don’t know how to deal with it. For one-bedroom apartment design for example, you need to pay attention on some details and elements to avoid the narrow and small impression from the room itself. And if you think you need some inspirations, maybe you can take a look on the design of a sweet apartment here from Sweden.

Even though it really is a small apartment, you won’t feel that impression once you step inside. Everything is designed to be simple and sleek with domination of white color to create spacious and open feeling inside of the room. To make the interior less boring, exposed brick wall is added with fireplace on it. This wall is also decorated with unique metal letters and comfortable seating across of it.

It is not only the color picking that makes this apartment looks shiny; the room layout is also creating spacious and airy feeling on the room. The furniture all comes in modern minimalist design to optimize the functionality as well as the space inside of the apartment. Each of furniture is designed to have full functionality. For example the bed foot that also functioned as a bookshelf. That’s an interesting idea to try, right? Those apartment design inspirations are awesome, right?

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