Alluring Simple Texture Applied in Renovated Townhouse

The sophisticated way in applying rustic texture is presented by Graux & Baeyens Architecten through this House G – S project. This is a renovated townhouse located in Flemish region in Belgium. This townhouse exterior is in vintage look. Vernacular style is well maintained in this vintage house. Rustic exterior wall strengthens the traditional accent in this townhouse design. Black color applied as the exterior color theme makes this townhouse looks dramatic. Although it is in vernacular style, the sleek look is employed as the main design concept. The windows are designed in practical appearance made from glass elements.

In a contrary with the exterior look, the interior is designed in ultramodern concept. However, rustic texture application is still emphasized in this interior design concept. The living room wall is still in brick wall painted in black color. This is contrast with the white interior wall and flooring in sleek look. The furniture is also in ultramodern style. White sofa is placed together with sleek coffee table in black sleek design. Woolen rug gives the luxurious accent on the white interior flooring.

Besides of being applied as the interior wall, rustic style is also applied in the other room flooring. Rustic wooden elements are applied side by side with the white interior flooring. This gives the beautiful contrast to the ultramodern look of the interior. The staircase is also left in vernacular look. Traditional balustrade strengthens the classical accent applied in this staircase.

The bedroom is in minimalist design. Sleek bathroom furniture is employed in this bathroom interior. The bathroom flooring and wall is in earth color. Meanwhile, the bathroom appliances, such as the bath tub is in white color. Rustic wooden beams are also applied for the kitchen ceiling strengthening the natural color given by the wooden kitchen furniture. Rustic texture accent is a limitless application whether it is applied in the traditional design or the contemporary one.

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