Wonderful Inspirations for Studio Artist from Fogo Island

Almost any artist needs a studio artist to get the perfect concentration for working. Such studio usually provides the quiet yet relaxing place where the artist can gather full concentration for their work, without worrying of being annoyed by anything else. Even though not all artist has their own studio, the idea to have the studio you design by your own is always a tempting idea, isn’t it?

When you talk about studio for artists, actually there is not much for the requirement. It only requires a quiet environment which will help the artist to get the inspiration for their art work. And in case you need some references about it, maybe you can steal some ideas from this unique studio artist design located in Fogo Island, Canada. Designed by Saunders Architecture, this 1300 sq foot studio is studio that every artist must be dreaming of.

The most prominent aspect you can see from this studio is its unique location. It is located in such remote area and surrounded by coral island. The building itself is actually a prefabricated building which can be easily placed in such difficult landscape. The location is also just steps away from the sea surface; giving the artist relaxed mind from the sound of the waves that fills the room. In short, the location alone is already a perfect sanctuary for any artist to get their inspiration.

The building itself is inspired by contemporary concept. It is built with some pillars below to strengthen the structure as well as to avoid the flood threat. Transparent glass wall is added on each side of this rectangular shaped building to let the natural lighting to come into the indoor area. The interior is designed with modern minimalist concept with plenty of built in furniture on it. Everything inside is very functional and emphasizing on the open space for the artist to work. So, are these studio artist design ideas inspiring you enough?

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