Useful Tips When Dealing with Small Apartment Interior

When it comes to small apartment interior, you know that things can be pretty difficult to be handled. Small apartment means you need to use some kind of trick to optimize the space. Every inch must be functional and useful because you know that you only have limited space available. And even though it sounds difficult, you know you can handle it easily with some useful tips below.

In case you need some help about it, here are some small apartment interior tips that may help you. The first thing is to choose the right color for the interior. The right colour combination will lead to spacious impression that will help you to disguise the small space. Bright colors like white, fresh green, yellow or bright blue would be good idea to enhance the look of your apartment interior. And sure, don’t forget to add some natural lights from the windows to make the spacious impression even more prominent. That sounds simple and easy to do, right?

The second thing is the furniture design. Make sure that you choose the particular design that specially designed for small apartment. Just like this nice apartment in Italy which shows us a simple yet attractive interior application in such small apartment. Designed by Ego Vitamina Creativa, this apartment is really optimizing every inch that it has. The furniture is carefully designed to be fit with the size of the apartment and customized to be matched with the room structure.

The cabinet for example, is designed with built in system and perfectly attached to the wall surface. The handle-less cabinet door creates visual disguise which makes this cabinet looks like a common wall you’ve seen anywhere. But actually, there are many of small rooms inside of it for you to store your stuff. That’s a pretty good idea for a cabinet, right? These are some small apartment interior inspirations that may help you.

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