The Best 3 Mascott Reel Mower

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When you are looking for reel mower, such a brand as Mascott could be one name to consider. Sure, there will be plenty of reel mowers the Mascott had produced. You can easily find them online or offline store. In order to help you find the best quality Mascott mower, here we’d like to recommend top 3 Mascott reel mower that you can consider. The following list will tell you which Mascott reel mower that we have put on top of our list.

1) Mascott Silent cut Reel Mowers
Perhaps this one can be considered as the best one the Mascott ever produced. It has become the best reel mower that is hardly to find in the market. Although this mower is heavier than any other mowers, it still got 12-gauge steel frame. This mower will be pricing at $269.00 up to $279.00. With 12-gauge, the mower won’t bumps in the yard and bounce over weeds. The lawn machine got several key features, including:
• 5-year warranty
• Made in China
• Final sharpening and tuning worked by Amish craftsmen
• Semi-pneumatic tires with steel wheels
• Comfortable grips and ergonomic design, thanks to its strong handle
• Reel has 6 blades that are tempered

2) Mascott Bladed Reel Mower
This one is a tough reel mower and also, a sturdy one to consider. Indeed it is heavier than most reel mowers (it weighs 42 pounds in total), though it would be acceptable by anyone due to its characteristic which is easy to use. Extra weight is being added in order to accommodate harder cutting work, especially when you are dealing with thick grasses such as Bermuda, St. Augustine, or Zoysia. If you have one of these grasses, then the mower should give much more advantage to you. The mower also got a quite unique feature called silent cut design. With such design, the cutter bar virtually makes contact with the reel blade. So basically, its cutting range can be adjusted according to your specific needs.

3) Mascott 6
If you want to grab a reel mower to help you dong hard work at the yard, perhaps Mascott 6 can be put into your consideration. Mascott 6 became one of the best options for those who want to clear a yard which has been filled with grass in large quantities. It suit the best with a yard mostly filled with grass.


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