Stunning Ideas of Minimalist Touch for Luxurious Home Design

All these times luxurious home design is usually associated with classic one. Classic concept in home design has been seen as something that guarantees the luxurious impression. Well, that statement is not always true actually. Although it is true that classic concept is usually resulting luxurious and glamorous home design, it doesn’t mean that other design concept can create the similar impression.

And who says that any other design concept is always failing to create such impression for the final result? If you are currently looking for something different, maybe you can try this idea to use minimalist concept for your home design. And if you think that minimalist design is always about emptying the room, then think again because you will be amazed of how this design concept can create such luxurious and beautiful home design eventually. Just like this home design from Beverly Hills here that can be an example of minimalist luxurious home design.

Designed by Bertram Architects, Lookout Residence is worth more than $9.75 million on its selling. The building is pretty much influenced by modern contemporary concept as you can see on the sharp and sleek lines on the building structure. This two-floor house is representing the beauty in simplicity on its all-white decoration. The glass walls on the building structure are also adding the modern yet glamorous image of this home design.

Located in such beautiful site with magnificent view of the City of Beverly Hills surrounding, this house is optimizing the open space to make sure that the attraction doesn’t goes to waste. The backyard is equipped with an outdoor swimming pool with direct view to the city. The white color spectrum on both interior and exterior is creating some kind of majestic impression you can also see in classic styled residence. So, with all those inspirations from that gorgeous luxurious home design reference, what do you waiting for?

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