Sleek Interior Design Transformed from Warehouse Building

Converting a warehouse building to be a stylish home with sophisticated interior design is not an easy task. However, RTEdgar has made this warehouse conversion becomes a modern house with great interior. The home exterior is still in its vernacular look. Red brick is used as the exterior wall. Simple designed windows look great to be combined with this red brick wall. The balcony is designed in sleek and simple style with steel balustrade.

The home exterior is different with home interior design. While the exterior is designed by maintaining the vernacular look, the interior is designed in contemporary way. Modernistic concept is applied in this home interior. The living room has a set of modern leather sofas in black color that is in the similar color with the wooden cabinet. Grey concrete tile flooring looks great with white interior wall and ceiling. The interior decoration comes from the contemporary painting set on the white interior wall. Simple lighting is set on the white ceiling radiating white light.

The kitchen design is in minimalist style. The unique part of this kitchen is it has the red brick wall as the accent to white kitchen interior wall. Modern kitchen furniture and appliances are applied in stainless color. The kitchen lightings are also in stainless color. This color looks perfect with the traditional elements of red brick and the bright color of the interior wall. Grey flooring also fits well with this color combination.

The dining area is designed in sleek style. The sleek table is placed between the benches in black color. Red brick wall is still applied in this modern dining room. Wooden cabinet is placed right in front of red wall accent. Transformed interior design can be in a stylish look just like this home interior converted from warehouse building.

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