How to Pick Reel Push Mower

While the big tow-behind mower cannot shave the small part of your lawn, reel push mower will do the rest of it. Reel lawn mowers are sometimes considered as a traditional, old-fashioned lawn mower. In fact, reel mower is so useful because it can finish the small slice of the lawn which cannot be finished by modern lawn mower. Besides, reel lawn mower is low-noise and environment-friendly

So, have you changed your thought about reel lawn mower? If you decide to have reel mower at home, here we have some tips to choose the best reel mower. Reel mower usually has several spinning blades that pull the grass into the mower and cut it. To choose the reel lawn mower, first you need to select the number of blades. It can use 4, 5 or 7 blades. The number of blades is adjusted with the type of your grass.


After selecting the number of blades, you need to select the width. Reel mower is available in various widths that range from 14 to 20 inches. The wider lawn mower lets you mow faster. So, why do not you back to the traditional way by having reel push mower at home?

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