Glamorous Futuristic Inspirations for Prefabrication House

If you are currently looking for something new for your home design, maybe you can consider using prefabrication house for your residence. Even though it is originally created for middle-low people, this kind of house is a rising star nowadays. The easiness in the construction and the customized design makes everyone just fall in love with it. What can beat that combination anyway?

And who says that prefab house is always about cheap and boring home design? In fact, there are various designs of prefab house that can amaze you. And in case you want some inspirations, you can take a look on the design of this futuristic prefabrication house designed by Christopher Daniel from Violent Volumes. Inspired by Californian roll sushi, the building is very impressive and attractive even before you step inside. The unique shape on its building structure is more than just enough to amaze everyone that pass by.

The building structure is made from aluminum material which makes it looks classy and futuristic. The silver colour on the exterior reminds us to the spaceship as we’ve seen on the movie. The unique structure looks like a giant folded paper with transparent glass surface on the each tip of the building. And because of its prefab concept, this house is movable and easily assembled on any other site.

It is not only the building structure that will amaze you. The interior in a whole is also an attraction. The entry door for example, is equipped with unique shaped staircase which looks precisely like staircase on the spaceship. The inside of the house is dominated with white colour which again, emphasizing the futuristic impression of this house. The interior is also emphasizing on the open space which reflected on the spacious room layout that used. What an inspiring prefabrication house reference, right?

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