Cordless Electric Worx Lawn Mower

Cordless Electric Worx Lawn Mower – Worx has been known for their cordless electric lawn mower. They have several types of electric lawn mower that is differ in the voltage. Most of them have 3-in-1 function which can do the work of mulching, bag and side discharging. The most valuable feature of Worx lawn mower is the battery that can do almost 18.500 square feet of area for one single charge.

worx 19 in. electric cordless lawn mower reviews

worx 19 in. electric cordless lawn mower reviews

The innovation of Worx lawn mower that offers you a cordless feature can ease your work and make the lawn mower flexible to go anywhere in your lawn area. The low noise of the electric engine will sure impress you because it will not disturb neighbors or pets when you are doing the job. It adjustable and comfortable handle will fit into anyone’s hand that is doing the work. It also have a specific adjustment of the mowing strength that can be applied to odd landscape but also can be subtle when working on a lawn or patio with pebbles.

Worx 14 cordless electric lawn mower

You should get Worx lawn mower if you want to have a rather compact lawn mower because the handles can be folded efficiently so it does not require a big storage place. The length of the working hour of the Worx lawn mower is also a big benefit so you don’t have to recharge it repeatedly for one day of work.


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