Cool Interior Inspirations for Contemporary House

Talking about contemporary house is probably a never ending talk you ever been in. As the name itself, the concept is very dynamic and always changing as the time goes by. Something that considered as contemporary may be an old and historical thing in the future, that’s why the design is always changing rapidly. But as we live in 20th century, why don’t we talk about this kind of contemporary concept which is influenced by modernism idea?

The idea about modernism is actually not a new stuff in home design. The idea of sleek, simple and sharp impression on the design has been quite famous since its first appearance in the early 2000s. And if you are currently looking for some unique idea about that, maybe you can try this idea about using open concept for contemporary house. The idea is coming from a project of Irving Smith Jack Architects which located on such beautiful site in South Island of New Zealand.

The project itself is titled as “The Mountain Range House”. The main concept is quite simple; to create connected living between the interior and the beautiful environment surrounding. Located in such site with high level of elevation, the architects sure want to optimize the view around by using several openings on the building structure. It is not only the connection between each room inside of the house, but also connection between inside and outside that built on the building structure.

Located in such location, the architects are also paying attention on the flow of the air inside of the room. The ceiling is designed to be tall and height to make sure that the heat is easily transferred from the indoor to the outdoor area; guarantees that the temperature will stay cool inside. The transparent walls that used are also creating integrated layout between the minimalist interior on the indoor area with the nature around. That contemporary house inspiration is wonderful, isn’t it?

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