Charming Rural Home Combining Rustic Texture and Modern Style

Looking at the exterior design of this rural home, we might not think that the home interior is designed in contemporary concept. The design of this home located in Skeppsholmen is unique. It mixes the modernistic concept and the natural elements. Rustic texture of the natural elements is combined with the sleek look of the contemporary style. The exterior of this home is made from wooden materials. Glass elements are the second building materials applied in this house. The house shape is also in traditional design. Green vegetation surrounds this house makes it looks more natural and blends with the nature.

The backyard of this house reflects the true rural home design. The outdoor furniture is made from wooden materials. The designs are both modern and traditional. Rustic texture presented by the wooden exterior wall strengthens the traditional look of this rural residence. However, simple glass windows give the modern look of this home exterior. Grey roof also adds the modernistic accent of this house. Wooden deck is installed as the exterior flooring looking great with the green yard surrounding.

White is used as the interior color theme. Rustic wooden flooring is painted in white. The interior wall and ceiling is also in white. White wooden beams are also used as the ceiling accent. The dining room is furnished with modern white acrylic chairs. It is in the similar area with the kitchen that is also in white color. Monochromatic color theme is applied in this kitchen design.

The main dining room is employed modern chairs covered in white sheets. Black chairs in classic style also accompany these chairs surrounding white dining table. The living room has comfortable modern sofa in colorful leaves motives. Rustic table with classic white chandeliers on it is placed in front of this cozy sofa. Rural home concept can be the mixture between the traditional style and the contemporary design.

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