Amazing Inspirations for Apartment Interior with Minimalist Concept

When you decided to move to an apartment, you know that you need to deal with the trouble in planning the apartment interior. Eve thought it sounds simple and easy, some people are complaining about how difficult it is to find the right interior concept that fit their apartment’s size. Sure, when it comes to an apartment unit then the size really does matter. What do you think about that?

But actually, planning the interior for your apartment unit is not that difficult. And if you are searching for something easy and practical for it, maybe you can consider using minimalist apartment interior just like this incredible project in Queens, USA. Designed by Haiko Cornelissen Architecten, this apartment design can be a perfect example of application of minimalist concept that not only enhances the look, but also optimizing the space. The combination between smart interior and well-designed furniture creates such inviting living as you can see.

The key on this apartment design is the built in concept. The wall is not only functioned as wall, but also as hidden cover for something behind of it. The working space for example, is well-covered by a sliding door which the room feels bigger and wider. This kind of wall is also used for kitchen utilities, such as refrigerator and oven to keep the simple and sleek impression. Everything is well-hidden beneath the wall, but still functional and easy to use.

Even though the main idea is to hide it all, some parts remain exposed to avoid the boring image from the all-white interior. The built in bookshelf for example, is left exposed on the wall to create simple and functional decoration from the book collection. The idea of using bookshelf as display and décor element is one of the simple yet attractive ideas you can try for your apartment. So, what do you think about those apartment interior inspirations above?

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